Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting my own Beauty Blog

I probably won't write too much right now. Just the basics. I started to get into skincare & makeup a couple months ago. Maybe 4ish? My mother never wore makeup and didn't have any special routines. So I learned nothing beauty-wise from her. Maybe my friends? Not so much. I don't have a huge lot of friends. I mostly chatter about beauty- what I want to try, what I bought- with my boyfriend. Yes, he is very patience lol. My 2 besties are twins. They do wear makeup. Sadly though, they think using any sort of makeup brush is ridiculous, what's the point on buying Clinique when you can get face wash at Wal-Mart? No luck there either. Eventually I got lucky though..

The internet! Duh. I started looking up beauty blogs and articles. Made accounts on Sephora & Slowly I started to build up a tiny collection of brushes & makeup basics. Thus far, my only h/e products are some Clinique skincare, (cleanser for oily/combo skin, #3 toner, & the foaming acne cleanser [not buying again!]) and an Estee Lauder blush (radiant kiss <3). Everything else is CVS, Walmart, Kmart, & sometimes Target. I always look up reviews for whatever I need. Like I wanted a good foundation but Im poor. Also very pale. Glow in the dark ghost-like pale. Ended up buying Boots No7 Intelligent Balance in New Ivory. Awesome buy thanks to makeupalley and Target.

The beauty blog that really inspired me to create my own was Miss Natty's Beauty Diary. Her personality & know how got me. Around that time, when I started reading her blog starting with the oldest posts, I started buying more products & being more open with my new found hobby.

I hope to post again soon. After I figure out how to add pics & change the look. Any comments of encouragement would be very appreciated =)

Freddy =)