Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quick Post -- My Look on Monday

Hello sugar plums =) This is just a quick post of some pics I took earlier this week. I don't have enough funds to do very many (any) OOTD posts so here's a teaser =P

One my computer it was vertical idk what happened!

Ahhh I even tried saving it sideways so it'd be the right way here!
So that's me. I should've taken a pic of the back of the shirt, lacy & cute.  Im jealous of you gals who look like models & can dress like them too! 

Also a quick question: I think heels are sexy, beautiful, fashionable but how do you train youself to walk in them?? I wobble around like a newborn giraffe!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Icky Nails

First off, I'm very glad that I finally feel like posting again! I've felt blah & haven't been into makeup or beauty too much. Anyway off to the post! 

My (un)beauitful nails

Usually they aren't so rough around the edges but when I'm stressed I take it out on my poor nails. Near the ends on some nails are "flakyish" and  bend easily. I've been researching how to get them in tip top shape. I'm sure some of you have the same issues as me =/ I even tried not painting them for like 2 weeks - no change. 

Strengthening Your Nails 
1) Water can make them weak. Great news since I'm washing dishes 5 days a week! Wearing gloves can offer some help. Applying a good hand cream is also beneficial. ( I looove Neutrogena  Norwegian Formula!)
2) Try not to use your nails as tools (Guilty of this too) Don't try to rip or open packaging or anything else with your nails. Use scissors or another tool. This leads to the flakyness I hate!
3) Stop chewing them! Of course this is the most obvious tip.
4) Give a strengthener a try. I've been using Sally Hansen Powerful Acrylic Gel. However after I bought it I discovered it had some ingredients that don't really help your nails: formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. Next time I plan on purchasing VitaSurge Strength Gel which doesn't have any of those baddie ingredients
5) How you file is important. Sawing back and forth is a no-no. Instead go in the same direction. Use the not as gritty side whenever you need a file but save the really rough side for emergencies. It can weaken the nails by making them too thin!

Was this info helpful to any of you ladies? I am so excited to be back to blogging =) I have some great ideas for upcoming posts. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Where Have I Been?

So I kinda fell off the face of the Earth. Break up with the bf. I'm the one who wants it. Dealing with that, haven't felt inspired or motivated to blog lately. I'm going to start posting again this week. Promise =)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

SPF -- Why?

You hear all the time from articles, blogs, books: Wear SPF!!! But do you actually know WHY it is so so so important to your skin? Wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, skin cancer & broken blood vessels. Any of that sound fun? Didn't think so lovlies. You can prevent/reduce these skin issues by wearing SPF.  Every single day!

There's 3 types of radiating rays from the sun: visible, infrared & ultraviolet. Ultraviolet (UV) are the baddies that cause all those horrible effects. Within that category there is 3 to protect against: 

  • UVA rays are out in force all day.They penetrate through the epidermis & dermis (messing up new cells) These are the ones that can cause cancer!
  • UVC aren't your biggest concern -yet. The ozone layer absorbs them but that is thinning.
  • UVB rays are like UVA lite. They damage the same layers of skin. The difference is they don't have as much wavelength. 10am- 3pm is the most important time to watch out for them.
Sun exposure produces free radicals (evil little molecules). Free radicals are bullies to healthy skin. They can make skin less firm, lessen it's ability to fight off the damage & even hurt your white blood cells.

This damage can happen in winter & even through car windows! People who commute a lot during their lives have higher cases of skin cancer- on the side of the face facing the sun. Basically:

Using SPF saves your skin from signs of aging & keeps it healthy!

In a post in the beginning of the week I'll explain what to look for in SPF containing products & give a review of my favorite moisturizer with SPF. I use it every day. Even when I know I'll be inside 95% of the day.

Did this post enlighten you cutie pies at all? Anything you think should be added?

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Colors Used:
Wet & Wild Meglast Tropicalia
Nicole Rainbow in the S-Kylie
Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Acrylic Gel
Top Coat: Revlon No Chip

I was very excited to finally use my newest Nicole color! It really is a rainbow of colors. I spot silver, blue, yellow, green, & pink. Some are smaller sprinkles others are bigger. Love it completely <3

The W&W...hmmm. I like bright pink color. This nailpolish also has a bigger flatter "Manicurve Pro Brush". It's my favorite brush of any brand polish. The only problem is W&W polish refuses to last for me. =( 

I did one coat of w&w, covering it with only one coat of glitter on most nails. That was Monday. Wednesday at work 2 nails were bare by the end of the night. So to touchup, I skipped the pink. Just 2 coats of the Nicole (you can see it on my ring finger in the right photo). Last time I visited the mall Clarie's had a polish called Candy Shop. It basically looked like my nails but the convenience  of pink & the awesome glitter in one bottle. I'm not sure of the quality of their nail polish so I skipped over it.

The Sally Hansen works as a base coat. I can't tell if it strengthens my nails or not like the package claims it will. I'll update you ladies on that later

This weekend: finally gonna do a post about SPF! I am a lazy girly =(

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beauty Items I've Gotten Recently

Hay cutie pies! Before I get to the good stuff (more like a baby haul), I'm gonna ramble a bit. [Oh joy lol] First, I am up to 21 followers!! Yay for me. Second, I really need to set aside time to mess around with the setup of my blog & make an awesome header...words are just boring. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

shroom bracelet! 
Peace ring

vinyl black flats

The BF & I took a date night (our very first!) to the Mall recently. He generously bought me all these cute little things. Yesterday I wore the flats & ring. The jewelry is from Clarie's. I love that store! The flats were only $16. I really needed a cute pair of shoes...all I've got are Chucks and a pair of heels. Gorgeous but not pratical in anyway.

Next was some nail goods. Since I've been painting mine I have noticed the ends are kinda..flaky? The top layer will come off a bit & leave an uneven patch. So far I've used the Sally Hansen by itself & as a basecoat. I'm hoping it helps! The polish is Rainbow in the S-Kylie by Nicole. I wish I could take better pictures because I'm in love with this glitter! You'll get to see it in my NOTW post Thursday.

What do you use for weak breaking nails?  And someone PLEASE explain to me how I can get my pictures to be three in a row across not all over the place?

Happy Hump Day =)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Losing my being tagged virginity =)

Fozia also tagged me! This is the first time I've been tagged. It makes me feel so grood knowing that some people are noticing & liking my blog =)

11 Fun Facts About Me:

  • I;ve had Type 1 Diabetes since 2006.
  • I hate when people confuse type 1 (10% of diabetics) with type 2 (90% of diabetics)
  • I play Webkinz everyday
  • I lived in the same zip code my entire life
  • My favorite color is green
  • I have 2 tattoos, one is a rib piece
  • I research everything before buying - makeup, computer accessories, clothes, household stuff, etc
  • The only workout I do are Richard Simmons dvds. I own 7 =)
  • I have the HUGEST sweet tooth. Yes, it makes life sucks sometimes
  • My boss has been my BFF since I was in middle school
  • I moved out by myself when I turned 18. Very proud of that fact
Fozia's Questions for me:
Favorite High Street Shop? Bath & Body Works? Does that count lol
Beauty item I couldn't live without? eyelash curler & mascara
Sun or Rain? rain. cooler, good for sleeping & darker out
Favorite Movie? Secretary starring Maggie Gylenhaal
Favorite Vacay spot? I would love to visit Legoland!
Where in the world would I most like to live? Sweden. One of the happiest countries
Siblings? 1 sister (who lives in another state) & a brother. Im the oldest.
Trade places with who for a day? Jennifer Aniston. Beautiful, natural & a stoner =)
Fav Food? candyblast chips ahoy with milk
Beauty recommendation? Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask
Favorite song ATM? Knock Knock - Mac Miller

My Questions for you:
  • What do you like most about your body? my hair & my eyes
  • What's your favorite childhood Halloween costume? I was Nala (Lion King) once. I thought the costume rocked because it had a tail.
  • Favorite TV show? LOST!
  • Where do you work? A greasy diner
  • Favorite book? a million. Oz series, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Egypt Game
  • Any pets? 2 lesbian gerbils named Mert & Fran
  • Organized or messy? Too organized
  • What did you eat for lunch today? I had off so an apple & granola bar
  • How often do you paint your nails? Mostly every week
  • First high end beauty product? Clinique brow kit
  • Last movie you saw? The Sitter. Super funny
I nominate any cutie pies following my blog to do this! =)

My First Award =)

This definitely put a big smile on my face!! Fozia has awarded my blog  the Liebster Award =)
Yay!! Thanks Fozia <3
Blogs I Award Liebster to:
Jenn who is polish crazed =)
Ashley with her pearls & curls
Ash a newbie like me
Rianne with all her reviews
Katie who has big goals!

Link back to me in your post
Slap a picture of the Award in the same post
Nominate 5 blogs with under 200 followers
Let the winners know you picked them!

Thanks so much Fozia! This is really motivating to keep blogging and that people are paying attention. Joy joy joy =)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sign this Petition!

This is a petition started by a 14 year old girl to get magazines (this one is mainly about Seventeen) to stop retouching photos to make all women & girls look impossibly perfect. This definitely got my attention because I have huge problems with body image & self esteem. Like pretty much any woman you talk to in this country. Take a second & sign it! =)