Thursday, May 10, 2012


Colors Used:
Wet & Wild Meglast Tropicalia
Nicole Rainbow in the S-Kylie
Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Acrylic Gel
Top Coat: Revlon No Chip

I was very excited to finally use my newest Nicole color! It really is a rainbow of colors. I spot silver, blue, yellow, green, & pink. Some are smaller sprinkles others are bigger. Love it completely <3

The W&W...hmmm. I like bright pink color. This nailpolish also has a bigger flatter "Manicurve Pro Brush". It's my favorite brush of any brand polish. The only problem is W&W polish refuses to last for me. =( 

I did one coat of w&w, covering it with only one coat of glitter on most nails. That was Monday. Wednesday at work 2 nails were bare by the end of the night. So to touchup, I skipped the pink. Just 2 coats of the Nicole (you can see it on my ring finger in the right photo). Last time I visited the mall Clarie's had a polish called Candy Shop. It basically looked like my nails but the convenience  of pink & the awesome glitter in one bottle. I'm not sure of the quality of their nail polish so I skipped over it.

The Sally Hansen works as a base coat. I can't tell if it strengthens my nails or not like the package claims it will. I'll update you ladies on that later

This weekend: finally gonna do a post about SPF! I am a lazy girly =(


  1. Your nails look like a party! :) Very cute.

    Belle De Jour

  2. I wanted to see S-Kylie on, looks good!

    1. I loove this one so much! Spoiled also has a similar glitter that I almost grabbed.


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