Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beauty Items I've Gotten Recently

Hay cutie pies! Before I get to the good stuff (more like a baby haul), I'm gonna ramble a bit. [Oh joy lol] First, I am up to 21 followers!! Yay for me. Second, I really need to set aside time to mess around with the setup of my blog & make an awesome header...words are just boring. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

shroom bracelet! 
Peace ring

vinyl black flats

The BF & I took a date night (our very first!) to the Mall recently. He generously bought me all these cute little things. Yesterday I wore the flats & ring. The jewelry is from Clarie's. I love that store! The flats were only $16. I really needed a cute pair of shoes...all I've got are Chucks and a pair of heels. Gorgeous but not pratical in anyway.

Next was some nail goods. Since I've been painting mine I have noticed the ends are kinda..flaky? The top layer will come off a bit & leave an uneven patch. So far I've used the Sally Hansen by itself & as a basecoat. I'm hoping it helps! The polish is Rainbow in the S-Kylie by Nicole. I wish I could take better pictures because I'm in love with this glitter! You'll get to see it in my NOTW post Thursday.

What do you use for weak breaking nails?  And someone PLEASE explain to me how I can get my pictures to be three in a row across not all over the place?

Happy Hump Day =)


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