Saturday, May 12, 2012

SPF -- Why?

You hear all the time from articles, blogs, books: Wear SPF!!! But do you actually know WHY it is so so so important to your skin? Wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, skin cancer & broken blood vessels. Any of that sound fun? Didn't think so lovlies. You can prevent/reduce these skin issues by wearing SPF.  Every single day!

There's 3 types of radiating rays from the sun: visible, infrared & ultraviolet. Ultraviolet (UV) are the baddies that cause all those horrible effects. Within that category there is 3 to protect against: 

  • UVA rays are out in force all day.They penetrate through the epidermis & dermis (messing up new cells) These are the ones that can cause cancer!
  • UVC aren't your biggest concern -yet. The ozone layer absorbs them but that is thinning.
  • UVB rays are like UVA lite. They damage the same layers of skin. The difference is they don't have as much wavelength. 10am- 3pm is the most important time to watch out for them.
Sun exposure produces free radicals (evil little molecules). Free radicals are bullies to healthy skin. They can make skin less firm, lessen it's ability to fight off the damage & even hurt your white blood cells.

This damage can happen in winter & even through car windows! People who commute a lot during their lives have higher cases of skin cancer- on the side of the face facing the sun. Basically:

Using SPF saves your skin from signs of aging & keeps it healthy!

In a post in the beginning of the week I'll explain what to look for in SPF containing products & give a review of my favorite moisturizer with SPF. I use it every day. Even when I know I'll be inside 95% of the day.

Did this post enlighten you cutie pies at all? Anything you think should be added?

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  1. I was a bit silly and thought my skin couldn't burn because of the colour of my skin but I realised I could when I went to Barcelona so now I wear it everyday.. even though it rains almost everyday :)


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