Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rue 21 Haul =)

2 awesome tshirts
why do the pictures do this to me??
Tanks in different colors
greenish lacy sheer shirt 
Nice for dressing up tanks or over sundresses...rope belt is WAY too long
I love these yellow floral shorts but have no idea what to wear with them. Help me beauty bloggers!!
My favorite...cute sundress
BOW =)
wedges not from Rue 21. I think they'll go with pretty much any sundress so yay!

What are some summer clothing staples for you? And what can I wear with those yellow shorts?!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NOTW -- I Need a Refresh-Mint

This is a polish from Wet N Wild's MegaLast brand, my second I've bought. As you can see from the pic, this polish isn't very "minty". In the bottle it looked like a blue/green mint. On my nails it looks like robin's egg blue. Makes me think of Tiffany blue too. Not that I've ever seen a real Tiffany's box haha.

I really like this color even though the name is misleading. Two coats worked out perfect & topped with my Revlon No Chip Top Coat (gonna invest in a pricier one when the bottle is finally empty.) My nail pics are always so sloppy looking, sorry bout that ladies. I think this color would be a good background for some vintage flowery looking nail art. I also thought about putting white crackle on top for a skies & cloud look.

What do you girls think of this color?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Revlon Diamond Lust

I've done very few reviews & these are usually a staple of beauty blogs. I feel like I just am not a good reviewer...I like something or I don't & that's about all I can say.

I grabbed shade Starry Pink (dark or bright colors still freak me out). This does not photograph well at all. From the photo you can kinda tell it's a pale pink shade with TONS of shimmer. TONS OF SHIMMER. Must emphasize that because Starry Pink is pretty much just shimmer. My brush picked it up well. goes everywhere. I had it under my eye, on my cheek. I don't know if it's just my ghost paleness that makes the pink nonexistent on my lids or what. 
Can you tell which eye has it? Sorry for extreme closeup also girlies.

I would not re-buy. This is basically for shimmer. I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Total dud in my opinion. Too messy & no color. There are 4 other colors in the Diamond Lust collection. Maybe they're better but I won't be the one to find out lol.

If any of you would like this, comment & I'll send it your way. 
Has anyone else tried these yet??

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beauty Buys & New Work Sneakers

What you'll all be mostly interested in: the beauty buys. Nothing spectacular, just some things I felt I should own but never got to buying.
Wet & Wild H2O Proof Liquid Liner: I've seen many beauties post about this. I've never owned a liquid liner. This is a great buy because it was cheap (rather practice with cheap stuff than waste expensive) & gets awesome reviews.

Spoiled Polish in Hit The Brakes: Refused to be photographed accurately. =( It is plain old vampy sexy red. No orange tint which the photo kinda gives. Now I have every basic polish color =) I really like Spoiled.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Cream Lipgloss in Pink Benefit: In the tube this has a subtle shimmer but it doesn't go on your lips that way. Decent pink color. Doesn't blow me away but my only other lip gloss was clear. I'll use it but it doesn't seem that amazing after wearing it twice. Hate the applicator, flimsy wand.

My old shoes were green Nikes (I love EVERYTHING green). This is what they look like after 11 months of 5 or 6 days a week wear in the kitchen. Natural curl! Haha. When I saw the New Balance I immediately fell in love. Not green but rainbow so they'll match anything I could possibly wear to work. These are also for running. My old shoes were flat bottomed like Chucks or Vans. Today will be the first time I try the new ones out at work & I'm actually excited. Dork.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Losing my V Card -- Nail Art

Firstly, I apologize for not having a link to which video exactly inspired me.[ Fun fact: my laptop shuts itself off if I try to watch a video soooo I use the Xbox for Youtube. ] I've seen cute vintage-y floral nail designs EVERYWHERE. Decided to give it a go. The supplies I used:
I managed to use 5 different brands without even trying =) The nail dotting tools are ones off Amazon. They're useful but if you hop on Google you can find plenty of ways to make them homemade.  
End Result:
Of course since this was a new adventure I did it on my toes. Do they look like flowers? No. Not at all. But it was practice & they still look interesting. IRL people said they look cool. So not a complete failure.

Any polish addicts have advice/cool designs they've done?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Discovered a good un

I found a cute blog today, See It, Love It, Swatch It. It's a newer one like mine. I love finding noobs like myself who are just starting out. Anyway, Dawn has a really biiiiig giveaway going on. Thankfully it doesn't involve Facebook or any other sites. (I will never get a FB.) Here's the link:
I've been thinking about doing a giveaway. I almost have 30 followers & I am so grateful for them all. If I had the money I'd send you all some sort of little trinkets just for helping me get this blog going. Plus, it makes me feel wonderful that what I think & publish is interesting to other people than just my Mom & sister (Hey Kenzie if you read this!! <3). 

My next post will be coming tonight/tomorrow with my first (not so grood) attempt at nail art using nail dotting tools. I'm a smartie & started on my toes though so no one can see haha. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend girlies! 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter V. L'Oreal Lip Balm

These products have both been getting a loooot of hype lately. I finally purchased a Revlon Lip Butter & figured these would be great for a head to head comparison. Obviously, they're different shades so I won't really be able to compare that.
Revlon is right, L'Oreal left
Sweet Tart is more lipsticky than Rose Elixir. It's bright and matte. I end up blotting some off. 

Rose Elixir is lighter with a tiny bit of shimmer. Not frosty or glittery though. It matches my lip shade perfectly. I like that because I don't feel self conscious wearing a bright shade (still out of my comfort zone..) but what's the point of wearing lip stuff if it doesn't make a visible difference? This glides on easier than the Revlon also. The SPF is an added bonus.
R- Revlon  L- L'Oreal
I feel the packaging on both could be better. If you don't have them twisted down the whole way, the tops smush on the lid. 
The Revlon's quilt design is cuter than plain jane L'Oreal. For some reason they decided to only do it on 2/4 sides. 
Gold always makes me feel like a product is fancier. I know that's not always the case though. L'Oreal's top only goes on one way, snaps into place well.  

I think these products are both basically the same. If I had to choose one, I'd recommend the L'Oreal. I know you girlies have to have some opinions about this one...please share them in the comments!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lip Balms!

Or Chap sticks as everyone calls them...even though it's a brand name & blah blah blah. I use them interchangeably. One thing most girls I meet, even if they're not into beauty/makeup, always have are chap sticks. Millions of them with all the brands out there. Here's my stash:
  • Live Laugh & Bath: Monkey Farts. Love the name. No SPF =( Mostly use just at night before bed.
  • Aquafina Flavor Splash: Strawberry Again, no SPF. This was a freebie from a friend when I was without lip balm. I love the smaller tubes, great for my itty bitty top lip =)
  • Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Another gift. I would not buy ever again. Peppermint can be drying/irrating.
  • Chap Stick: classic SPF of 4 which is a no go for outside. This one stays inside or I use it at work
  • Neutrogena Norwegian Formula SPF 15 which is what The American Cancer Society recommends. 
  • Blistex Deep Renewal SPF 15 - Yay! 
  • Maybelline Baby Lips: Pink Punch Highest SPF of them all (20) but just don't like it. The pink is too bright for my taste   

Recent Beauty Buys =)

L-R:: 2 Weeks Sober, Electric Blue, Distant Memory & Pumping Gas

No idea why the lilacy purple is called 2 Weeks Sober. Spoiled really comes up with some weirdo names. Take the brown: Pumping Gas?? I bought it to add a brown to my collection & Spoiled polishes were on sale for .99! =) My bestie picked out Electric Blue.
Some $10 flats from WallyWorld. I figure they're be more laid back & match more than the patent ones I recently got. Fiiiiinally got some brush cleaner too, also Walmart brand. Yet to try it but plan on doing a fun First Time post.
How could anyone not love these earrings? For $2.11 the price was right on for me!
2 Revlon buys. I plan on doing a review of the eyeshadow, sorry for the not great pic. As you can see, it's called Starry Pink. Very glittery shimmery pale pink. Jumped on the wagon. Lip butter in Sweet Tart. I'm not planning on reviewing that because I know there's a million and one out there.

Any buys you're especially proud of?