Monday, June 4, 2012

Recent Beauty Buys =)

L-R:: 2 Weeks Sober, Electric Blue, Distant Memory & Pumping Gas

No idea why the lilacy purple is called 2 Weeks Sober. Spoiled really comes up with some weirdo names. Take the brown: Pumping Gas?? I bought it to add a brown to my collection & Spoiled polishes were on sale for .99! =) My bestie picked out Electric Blue.
Some $10 flats from WallyWorld. I figure they're be more laid back & match more than the patent ones I recently got. Fiiiiinally got some brush cleaner too, also Walmart brand. Yet to try it but plan on doing a fun First Time post.
How could anyone not love these earrings? For $2.11 the price was right on for me!
2 Revlon buys. I plan on doing a review of the eyeshadow, sorry for the not great pic. As you can see, it's called Starry Pink. Very glittery shimmery pale pink. Jumped on the wagon. Lip butter in Sweet Tart. I'm not planning on reviewing that because I know there's a million and one out there.

Any buys you're especially proud of?


  1. Lovely nailpolishes!!
    Your blog is great, I am following you now :)
    I invite you to visit and follow my blog if you want :)

  2. the eye shadow is such a pretty colour

    1. It is but the pic does no justice to it. Hopefully when I do a review it shows the sparkles and color off better!

  3. Nice choose on the brush cleanser, no need to get all crazy with the pricey stuff.

    1. Defs. And that huge bottle will last me til the end of time!


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