Monday, August 27, 2012

Sephora Box =)

Recently I put in an order at Sephora because I my night cream was almost gone. My last 2 tubes have been Neutrogena  Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle cream. It comes in a metal tube (which I've seen that recommended) & it contained Retinol. Another great thing. I didn't have any problems with the drug store kind but I wanted to try a higher end brand I decided on Boscia  Recharging Night Moisture. $13 v.s $55.
I love that it comes in a tube with a pump, I've never seen a product with that before. Sadly, no retinol or metal tube. I haven't tried this moisturizer but I have high hopes. I plan on doing a review. My Neutrogena is this close to being all.

I had enough Beauty Insider points for an extra. I chose a Sephora by OPI nail polish:
It's very close to a nude. Light golden yellowy shimmer. I haven't tried Sephora's nail polishes before. I know OPI can't do any wrong.Pinkish tint to it. Maybe next week paint them this color.

If you're familiar with Sephora, you know orders over $50 get you free shipping & 3 free samples. I chose mostly skincare product samples.
( Primer, Serum, Nother Serum)
The Primer is white and more liquid than any primer I've tried previously (Rimmel, Avon). It's my first Make Up Forever product. After all that hype months ago about the teenage model with terrible acne who uses their foundation, I've been wanting to try something from Make Up Forever. It works as well as any other primers I've tried. Won't be buying.

I use Shiseido's Night Time eye cream for wrinkles. I wanted to try something else from the brand. I plan on using it after cleanser & toner but before moisturizer. I'll give a little review when I do get around to trying it.

My third pick was a serum for normal to oily skin. Me totally. Supposedly it controls shine and purifies. I'll let you know. On the back it says to use after cleansing, before moisturizer. No toner before? Or this acts as a toner? I'm not sure I'm sure I'll research it before use anyways.

Anyone have experience with this products?

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