Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beauty History -- Coty

I was inspired to do this post after reading an article about cult beauty products that have been around seemingly forever. Coty's Air Spun Loose Face powder (review coming soon!) was on the list. I've always remembered seeing the pretty orange & blue packages at CVS & Walmart. Usually on bottom shelves. Never had to urge to buy until that article. Plus it was mentioned in a book I read. A character worked at a Coty department store counter. I'd never heard of the brand so I did some research.
A vintage ad that is cute
Coty was started in 1904 in Paris by Francois Coty. The company's very first product was a perfume called  La Rose Jacqueminot. After 4 years, he had enough success to open a factory & tried something new. 1909 is around the time Coty started making that timeless face powder! The company made sure to place it's products in beautiful boxes & bottles.

Coty made the jump to America after World War 1. Before that, it was sold in Paris, London & Moscow. In 1922 it formally became Coty Inc, which is the name it carries today. It has passed hands a couple times, for awhile it belonged to Pfizer.

These days, Coty is the world's leader in fragrance. Many celeb perfumes fall under the Coty umbrella -- Halle Berry, The Beckhams, J.Lo, Faith Hill & LAMB. Coty owns other brands that are VERY familiar to us beauty bloggers. OPI, Rimmel, NYC, Philosophy & Sally Hansen to name a few. All these amazing brands belong to one company! 

On their site it states "Coty has 2 areas of expertise: fragrance & beauty with 1 focus: the future." 

There you go cutie pies, a big hunk of beauty history! =) Please let me know if you enjoy this post or just want reviews, information about products etc.

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  1. Nice article, I love a little back story. Coty made my first love...Baby Soft. xo


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