Monday, April 2, 2012

My HG Body Wash

Yes, I'm 22 & this is labeled "Age Defying". Bit paranoid about aging. I figure now is a great time to start the good fight against wrinkles, age spots & allll that fun stuff.

Looks: white, plain, like a lotion

Smells: light pleasant smell. Doesn't last much past the shower (I like that in a body wash)

MakeupAlley rating: 18 reviews. Average rating = 3.9 with 72% buy again

This stuff is incredibly moisturizing! After my shower I use Johnson's baby oil. These two together makes my skin unbelievably soft. Definitely worth the about $5 it costs at Wal-Mart. I've been using it 2 months. When my current bottle is empty, you can be sure I will replace it asap.

Anyone else have a HG body wash?  I love this one but wouldn't be opposed to trying something new if it's highly recommended =) 

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  1. I have not tired this one, mite give it a try!


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