Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cute Things from March

I got this amazing pallet from Sephora. 33 shadows, 3 gel liners, 12 glosses, 4 blushes & 2 bronzers! I love that it comes in a Sephora "bag". The eye shadows I owned before this were all browns, champagne colors, basic stuff. Now I can experiment!! The shadows are good quality. Didn't melt off my eyelids even working in the kitchen. Very pleased with this purchase. =)

I finally purchased Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual. This has been on my wish list for ages. I already have her book about teenage beauty, didn't show techniques or step by step photos as much as Id like. Just skimming through this one, I know it will help me learn alot! 
Also in this pic is my  Blemish Control cleanser from Olay's Total Effects line. LOVE it. Olay has yet to let me down.

With my Sephora order, Clarins SPF 30 Wrinkle Control eye creme also made it's way to my house. There is so much hype about this product. I am very concerned with using SPF daily & moisturizer. 

I have never owned a girly pink polish. This one by L'Oreal looked perfect. Very pastel, light, feminine.  The shade is Penthouse Pink <3 Another first for me was buying a makeup bag to throw in my purse. The blue is bright & the flowers are gorgeous. The brand is Celebrity.

Pallet - $24 @ Sephora
Book -  $12 @ Amazon
Olay cleanser - $6 @ Walmart
L'Oreal nail polish - $5 @ Walmart
Clarin's - $28 @ Sephora
Makeup Bag - $0.50 @ Goodwill [bargain!]

Thanks for taking a look ladies, if you'd like a more in depth review of any of these products or more pictures leave a comment! And could someone PLEASE tell me how to format posts so there's not acres of empty space between everything. When Im composing it, everything looks grood.

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