Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 When I paint my nails, it's always on Sunday night or Monday afternoon. Why? My days off are consistently Monday & Tuesday. That way, my nails stay chip free & neat looking my time spent outside of work. Therefore it's much more honest & realistic for me to do NOTW posts. Nail of the Week =) Here is my first:
Trust Fund Baby by Spoiled. So far, I've only seen this brand @ CVS. There's a huge selection of colors plus glittery ones (my faves!). This was my first foray into the Spoiled brand.

First off, this looked like a glittery & black polish. Not so. It is medium sized particles of magenta, neon blue, gold & black. I thought $1.99 was a great price for such a cute polish.

I did 1 base coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Black Out. Next, 2 coats of Trust Fund Baby. That's it! I really like the outcome & am looking forward to trying it over other colors to show of the black flecks also.

As anyone else tried Spoiled polish? I've been loving L'Oreals polishes lately.


  1. this is really cool. I might see if I can get my hands on it! :)x

  2. wow they are so nice!
    Hannah x


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