Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cheap Dupe - Facial Brush

I wish I could say I haven't posted in a week because I have been busy...that would be a lie though =P Reading blogs? Habit I have down pat. Posting on a blog? Not so much. Something to work on.

I really want to get a Sonicare Mia. It even comes in green! (Green is a color I'm obsessed with) I had about $100 saved for one a couple months ago. Money ended up being spent on Christmas gifts for my bf's children. Definitely more important than me getting my Mia. I ended up getting a $5 Face Complexion brush off of Sephora.
mine was clear...much cuter

The Grood - looove how soft my face feels afterwards. 
The Not Grood - I dont think using a brush has made any other difference. I still want a Mia but that will probably be a birthday (July) treat.
I will get better @ pictures!

On a trip to one of the local Dollar Tree, I spotted face brushes! My Sephora one was a good 3 months old. Splurging at the Dollar Tree is always ok ladies. =) It ended up working just as well as the pricer $5 job. I am NOT complaining about that price. Paying a fifth of it is just common sense. They had blue, pink & purple. I grabbed the purple. Works the same as my old one.

Anyone else use a brush but is dreaming of a Mia??

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  1. The Dollar Tree makes those great little circular cleansing pads to, one side has an exfoliating material. LOVE THEM.


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